Big Impact is all in the detail:
-Develop expectations of soothing comfort and trust by giving a little insight in the craft (tradition and innovation), care and attention put into the product’s creating process
-Seductive, enticing, tantalizing and dramatic appearance of movement , elegant flow - toss, turn, fling, tumble, twist, wallow, drop and collide
-Appetizing natural (im)perfection in shape and detail
-Desire arousing textures, luscious structures, vibrant colors, mouthwatering and toothsome images


  • Liquids; Chocolate to Caramel, Beer to Soda, Coffee to Dairy, Cream to Sauces, Soy to Syrup
  • Cosmetics; Creams, Foams, Oils, Extracts, Perfumes
  • Comfort Food; -savory, confectionary, delicious Cookies, Ice-cream, (Energy-)Bars, Crisps
  • Wholesome Ingredients; -Produce, Nuts, Cereals, Fruits, Condiments
  • Mockups and Packaging

Our specialized technical abilities & mastered skills

  • Robot-arm (BOLT, CAMEROBOT) synced triggering (milliseconds) for ultra highspeed recording
  • Motion Controlled Rigs, multiple in-outputs
  • Steady Vortex Blenders, Conveyor Belts and Pouring Rigs
  • Silent Pneumatic-operated Suction cups, Release grippers, Pistons and Kick-rigs
  • Customized non-reflecting or Light-interfering Containers, Tanks and drainage
  • On-set Mockup and Prop adjustments, Packaging
  • Precise Product handling and attractive Foodstyling